Over 40 years of experience

Since the 1970s, Aerotecnica Saturno has been operating in the summer air conditioning, winter heating and controlled mechanical ventilation sectors. Our original activity, which we continue to carry out even today, is the production and installation of aeraulic ducts for air conditioning and climatisation, heating, cooling, ventilation and extraction. Currently we also carry out the adjustment and balancing of the systems to guarantee the performance and quality of the system with regard to the project. In the past, in order to improve the applied knowledge of aeraulic systems, during the testing phase, we used to perform our own tests to verify the correspondence between the project requirements and the solutions built by us; we carried out the comparative analysis on our own and, if requested, we performed the adjustment and balancing of the aeraulic systems supplied and installed by us. Currently, we also carry out TAB (Testing, Adjusting & Balancing) on aeraulic and hydronic systems created by other companies, preparing the initial and final reports attesting to the quality of the work performed. All tests are carried out with instruments that are certified, calibrated and periodically verified.

With the technological evolution of plants and systems for regulation and management, Aerotecnica Saturno has chosen to invest in training and technological research, building on its experience in plants equipped with mixed technologies. Thanks to the training, research and experience gained over the years, we can create aeraulic systems as well as test, analyze, regulate and balance aeraulic and hydronic systems. These activities are also carried out with the help of BMS (Building Management System) and according to the project, guaranteeing environmental comfort and optimal performance.

40 years of experience


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